A Bearded Dragon’s Vision

Most people that love Bearded Dragons and that keep them as pets, do not realize that their eye sight is interesting. With long observation we have noticed that the eyes have trouble focusing on anything that moves in a group such as any of their basic feeder items like roaches and superworms. A dragon will… Read more »

Starting, Building and Maintaining A Live Superworm Colony

Superworms are a strong source of nutrition for many lizards and birds, and they are vulnerable to certain environmental elements, making ordering in bulk and caring for a small colony at home almost mandatory, during certain times of the year especially. As an added bonus, this will save you a ton on shipping costs! In… Read more »


The idea for any living being that resides inside an enclosed environment is to try to duplicate as close as possible to how it lives in the place it has evolved. As for Bearded Dragons they spend a great deal of time on the surface of our earth and also up high in trees and… Read more »


Ranging From Calm to Skittish Calmness to skittishness is the range when first dealing with a baby dragon. Calm is when the baby can easily be picked up without running from a person’s fingers when reaching in the terrarium. There’s always a few that are fearful enough to open their mouth and even attempt to… Read more »

6 Tips for Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Crickets in the Terrarium

First, insects other than grubs should be fed vegetables such as shredded carrots and squash. However not potatoes or acidic fruit. This should always be done before offering the crickets to your dragon. There are various reasons why and one is illness which can occur in the bearded dragon by doing so. Each morning place… Read more »


Bearded Dragon Terrarium and Enclosure I just found the Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium 48”x24”x18”. I was hoping someone would come up with the larger size. Low and below my wish came true.  Amazon carries them or if that’s a bit steep for your first-time enclosure look at the Exo Terra Reptile terrarium or the National… Read more »


 Baby Dragons that are tame or calm will be the first ones eaten in their natural environment. They are intelligent beings and as babies almost all of them will be skittish since they are bottom on the food chain. Fear is built into their psyche. When I say intelligent they reason. Consequently they need to… Read more »

Bearded Dragons with Nip Toes and Tails

We have had inquiries in reference to nip toes and tails in Bearded Dragons. Balance and co-ordination is not affected by nips. Bearded Dragons can still cling to a shirt or cloth and climb without any problem since it is extremely rare to have all toe nails and toes missing. After awhile the person that… Read more »

What to Know About Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet

From nurturing your Baby Bearded dragon, to maintaining a healthy adult, here are just a few things you need to know about your Dragon’s diet! A Dragon’s diet changes with age Just like humans, a Bearded Dragon’s diet and nutritional needs evolve over time. Baby Bearded Dragon With a baby, your main goal is to… Read more »

The Delima In Sexing Bearded Dragons

In reality it is not easy to sex a baby bearded dragon or juvenile but for a person who has handled them for years it is possible to sometimes sex a male by seeing the hemipenal bulges.  Not always is this possible since the development of the sexual organ can progress with growth.  We can… Read more »