6 Tips for Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Crickets in the Terrarium

  1. First, insects other than grubs should be fed vegetables such as shredded carrots and squash. However not potatoes or acidic fruit. This should always be done before offering the crickets to your dragon. There are various reasons why and one is illness which can occur in the bearded dragon by doing so.
  2. Each morning place a fresh bowl of vegetables along with greens and water in the tank against a wall. Make sure the water container has a rock on the inside edge of the wall of the bowl so the crickets can get out without drowning. Doing so will allow both the dragon and crickets good nutrition. Some dragons like greens and vegetables and some do not. By feeding the crickets your dragon will have the highest source of nutrition possible. Plus the crickets will not bite the dragon because of thirst and hunger.
  3. The crickets that are not eaten will quickly hide. Make sure the water and vegetables can be easily accessed. However not so close to the hiding area that the dragon will not be able to hunt the crickets. This will take watching probable adjustments on your part for a few days.
  4. For baby dragons that must eat small crickets this will save much time and stop accidental killing by trying to fish them out of the tank.
  5. Attempting to feed a dragon outside of its home may cause the dragon to eat less than is needed. Some dragons don’t mind but other do not fare well with this procedure.
  6. Feeding a variety of insects to your dragon is good health