Adult Bearded Dragons For Sale - Adoption & Rescues

All Dragons need a home and an owner who cares and shows affection to them.  We are now offering adult dragons for sale who have been living at the Atomic Lizard Ranch but are now ready for the next step in their life journey. Although these dragons do not have the best coloring or ideal size, they still make a wonderful pet and deserve to have someone who loves them.

Over the years, Atomic Lizard Ranch has been inundated with bearded dragon rescues as well as those that did not sell all because they do not look like most other bearded dragons we breed. Others are cosmetically handicapped or need assistance in eating. In turn, these dragons only have us but certainly deserve to have more. More attention, more companionship and more love that we hope YOU can offer to them.

Adult Bearded Dragons For Sale & Adoption

#4 Orange Sub-adult female
14″ Born 3/15 $225.00. click
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#4 Click to enlarge photo