Breeder Gallery

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  1. Could you send me a shipping quote?… I will most likely be purchasing a male dragon from your hatchlings in April. Zip code is 82609. Thank you.

  2. I am looking for a beautiful female to pair with my handsome boy, could you please send me pictures and info about the available females you may have?
    Thank you ????

  3. I would just like any Beardie, mostly because I’ve heard nothing but good things from owners. I would like a Tangerine morph, if you have any or will have some within the next six months. I’m currently putting together a setup for a beardie.

  4. Do you have any new beardies that will be available soon? I am looking to raise a pair i dont want them to be alone ever.

  5. Do you also sell adults? We have never owned a reptile before and I have heard it’s better to start with an adult bearded dragon.

  6. Hi I’m wanting any bearded dragon for trade for my two spiney tailed lizards any beardie works just really want to get my little brother own please make him happy I have the stuff for the beardie and the tank hair need a beardie

    • All the ones on the available pages are babies. If you are talking hatch-lings we don’t sell them. They are delicate and we don’t want people to take that chance.

  7. Im positive im ready to adopt the first sandfire leather back or sandfire translucent male i can find. im holding out for the perfect one. please email me XD

  8. I would like a male that’s between like 5 and 12 months old would be nice. A more vibrantly colored one would be cool.

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