Lobster Roaches for Sale (Naupheta Cinerea)


Care and feeding of Lobster roaches
(Naupheta Cinerea)

Easy to care for and breeds prolifically. Normally they will eat anything except onions. However for the health of Bearded Dragons, feeding fruit should never be offered to Lobster Roaches and any other feeder insect.

In areas of the United States were temperatures are very dry and hot it is important that they have some humidity. High and very dry temperatures will kill. If possible keep at room temperatures. Remember good nutrition such as vegetables will benefit the Bearded Dragon also supplementing with High Protein cricket foods such as Flukers High Protein cricket food, there are others on the market as well. Do not feed cat food or dog food. Always read labels before offering any insect food to feeder insects. Do not purchase if dyes are added and other harmful ingredients are shown on the label.


Here is how to set up a Lobster roach colony. Go to Target and get a 66 quart storage container not the one with the clamp down lid or if they don’t have the snap down get the clamp one that’s ok. If you have a handy husband have him cut the lids center with an exacto knife or regular knife leaving the frame. Purchase a small amount of window screen and staple gun the window screen on the lids middle cut out. No condensation inside the box doing the lid this way will stop condensation. Vaseline 3 inches of the top of the box for extra safety. Purchase your eggs with the wooden egg cartons not the plastic ones. Cut them in half for the lobsters to have places to hide. Call a feed store to find out if they have baby chick watering jars or just the bottom. If they don’t have such a thing then they are not a good feed store. A quart jar can be used to screw the watering lid onto if the chick waterer doesn’t come with a jar. All of this is cheap. When turning the jar upside down the water will gather around the lip, put paper towels in to soak up the water so the roaches will have a way to drink without drowning. Do not use oranges as a water source or the jell that is sold for insects to drink with. The jell is a nasty chemical. Feed vegetables only enough for them to eat in two days if you give to much the vegetables will spoil and you don’t want the roaches to eat that since they will be feeding your dragons. Take a paint brush once in awhile when the fecal matter gets heavy and brush it into a pile. Walk away for 20 minutes to allow the roaches to leave the pile scoop it up and feed your soil outside with that wonderful food source for the earth. Hold off feeding these guys until they populate enough for you to feel comfortable that the colony will prosper. You will know it when you see it.