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  1. Hey I contacted you about a female beardie that’s very bright in colors I asked about #5 of the orange variant female

  2. hi so im looking for an adult bearded dragon but i know those are hard to find. what might your oldest available be? what kind and age. im looking for a laid back, easy going dragon.

    • We only have dragons that r past breeding age. We cannot hold dragons to sell as adults since we would rapidly run out of room

  3. Interested in a female with pretty colors. Any age, preferably one with (or from parents who are) a sociable personality.

    I have been a Beardy mommy for 15 years. And have even potty trained some. Please let me know what you have available and how much you are asking.

    Thank you

    • We rarely sell adults sorry to say we would rapidly run out of room so we sell ones that we held back once in awhile for breeding and then decide to to breed them

    • I just sent you an email. If you don’t receive it call me we are Mountain Time phone 520-432-9161. The web sight is up to date for availability.

  4. I know I’m not supposed to handle a new bearded dragon that I got for atleast a week or two so that they get used to the new environment but than how is it supposed to get it’s bath? Is the occasional bath the only exception to handle my juvenile?

    • Bath? no bath for now. Let the dragon get to know you after 7 or 10 days by gradually introducing your interaction one it is comfortable with you then perhaps a bath.

    • We only ship Monday thru Wednesday. We could possibly to a hold for pick up if your working during the week or we could ship to someone that you know who is home.

  5. are all of your dragons feces tested for parasites? because mine does not want to eat anything but veggitation and calci worms…

  6. Hey please contact me i am looking for a blue or purple bearded dragon or a bright red one please ans thank you

  7. Hello I live in the phx valley and am very intrested in building an outdoor enclosure for my dragons. Can they handle the heat? I grow tropical fruit trees and have a micro climate that keeps it a little cooler. Like my trees I think the issue will be keeping them warm in the winter. Any tips would be helpful

    • That’s a tough one Brian. I have heard of people keeping them outside over there just once. I would try putting them out while you are home on the weekend in your micro climate area to see how they do. The enclosure must be open all the way around. If they have never been outside like that before some get frightened but they almost always adjust. They have such unique personalities.

  8. I have a strange question. If I send u a pic of my beardie, is it possible to tell what kind it is? And also if I send u a pic showing the underside of its tail, where the tail meets the belly, can you tell me what sex it is??

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