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I adapted Khal Drogo back in June of 2017. He has been in great health and in good spirits. He is a wonderful Dragon very well mannered and is one heck of a character. He is in a loving home and I am grateful of having him since he was all of 6 1/2 inches. He is now about 24″ long.

Collette has been a wonderful help and answered all my questions before and after I received him. Again thank you for such a wonderful dragon.

Drogo has traveled with me in September of 2017 Illinois all the way to California. He absolutely loved the car ride and enjoyed basking in the window or where the sunroof was but also had a artificial heating setup and basking light for when it was cold in the mountains of northern CA (if anyone is interested on how I did it I would be more then happy to share).

Drogo is now modeling and couldn’t be happier!

Again thank you so much for a wonderful new member of the family.

Cody Southerland

I couldn’t be more happier with how everything began and ended with this process of me purchasing a Dragon from this company.
It seemed to be a simpler process than going to a local pet store.

So much knowledge from Collette and Staff.
The color really pops and this dragon is super friendly and active.
Growing like a weed as well.

Thank you guys

Steve Poynter

I have a beautiful little lizard now! The shipping was fast and he seems perfectly healthy. A great eater and has a great character. I highly recommend atomic lizard ranch it was a great experience. I love my little lizard!

Kristen Reardon

Good afternoon Collette! I felt that it would be necessary to thank you once again I for your assistance in getting us the exact little dragon that we wanted! She arrived safely this morning. She’s a great eater lol! She is absolutely stunning! You produce some very beautiful dragons! My wife and I definitely look forward to doing business with you and the Atomic Lizard Ranch again here soon! Her and my male het hypo already get along great! I can’t wait to see how her already gorgeous colors turn out once she’s older! Be on the look out….my next purchase will more than likely be a leatherback next time around ????. In closing, thanks again and we’ll definitely be doing business again here in the near future!

William Policarpe

Hi Collette. I just wanted to let you know we are enjoying our male citrus bearded dragon who we named Ziggy Stardust. He is growing like a weed. And he is quite comical. He loves to leap from one part of his cage to the next. A very brave boy. Each time I clean out his cage I rearrange the interior elements. He explores the whole cage to try to figure out the new floor plan. And he loves his lobster roaches and crickets, too. He loves to eat his greens. I am growing micro greens so the veggies he gets are fresh and nutritious. Just like a guy he has a big smelly poop every morning.Eeeuuwww! Thanks for letting us bring this little guy into our home.


Claudia S.

I fell in love with my little guy the minute I saw him ???? He was happy, healthy and perky. I highly recommend these breeders. They are very knowledgeable and willing to answer your concerns and questions in a timely manner.

Tiffany D

I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you, Collette, for my beautiful baby girl, Ruby! She arrived today well packaged and in great shape: alert, healthy, and in perfect condition., Her color is gorgeous and we love her already! I am so impressed with your customer service – you obviously care so much about these dragons and made sure that all of my many questions were answered – you are such a nice person to deal with! We can’t thank you enough!!!!!

Jeff McGuire

I got a bearded dragon from collette about 3 years ago and I love my beardie so much I’m buying another now!! She’s so healthy and loves all her greens. You won’t regret getting a bearded dragon from atomic lizard ranch I’ll never get one from anywhere else.


5 stars – can’t wait to Come Back and buy Scorch a mate Thankyou again for being so Helpful Collette & Atomic Lizard Ranch!

Christy perricone

Wonderful Experience bought my first bearded dragon “Scorch” from Atomic Lizard Ranch It was a pleasure doing business with Collette! She is very Knowledgeable & Informative when it comes to these Dragons and you can tell she cares a lot for them before and after they find knew homes. Thankyou so much Atomic Lizard Ranch! Scorch is a plump happy little dragon and we love him to bits.

Christy Perricone

Super happy with the entire process! Collette was more than accommodating from beginning to end, answering all of my questions, sharing additional photos and generally just being completely transparent about the animal I was buying – down to the smallest detail. Glad to have chosen to work with Atomic Lizard Ranch! Would definitely buy another dragon from them–and one day hope to! Thanks again! -Kevin

Kevin Klein

Bought my beautiful bearded dragon last year and he has grown into quite a nice lizzard. He is now waiting on a mate!!! ATOMIC LIZZARD RANCH knows their business!

Mattie Darling

What a wonderful pet! Will purchase another for breeding. Great service fast shipping will answer any questions promptly.

MATTImattie Darling

Super good


Pyxis will be 2 yrs old in April. He is the light of my life. My husband and I are so appreciative! He is a big boy and very sweet natured. Wishing you well!

Danielle Ferrell

Very happy with the girl I got. She came healthy. Her colors were represented accurately. This girl is a stunner.

Jason Kelley

My gala red phase beardie is the sweetest bearded dragon ive ever been around. He eats like a horse and he has adapted wonderfully. Thank you so much for him.

The picture is of him on his babies first blanket!!!!!!!!


Purchasing from Colette was a great experience from start to finish. This is our first bearded dragon, and she answered all of my questions very timely and thoroughly. “Janet” arrived to us on time and was sweet and calm from the get go. She is very healthy, and is adjusting well to her new home. I also appreciated all of the information Colette sent me on how to care for her when she first arrived. That has made the transition for her a lot smoother and we feel good knowing we are doing the right things. Also, she is a beautiful dragon, and is only going to get brighter as time goes on. We are very happy with our purchase.

Rachel McCulloch

I was honestly a little skeptical at first. The idea of a lizard being shipped to me from a place I didn’t know was scary. I wasn’t sure if it would arrive in good health, or that it would live long. I’m please to say that I was completely incorrect! My beautiful baby arrived safe and sound! She arrived as comfortably as could be expected from being shipped lol. She arrived with food with her so she was able to eat on the way to me! It’s been about a month and she is still in great health! She is just as gorgeous as she was in the photo! She eats like she’s never going to get food again, but she is very healthy! She’s not at all mean, just a little hesitant with being handled, but she gets a little better every day! I highly recommend Atomic Lizard Ranch as your go to to buy beautiful and healthy bearded!
I cannot thank you enough Collette, for my beautiful baby girl Spyro! Thank you so much! I love my beautiful baby girl! She is everything I expected and more!

Katrina Mathiasen

This little girl was sent to me yesterday. She only falls asleep when I am holding her. Collete knows what she is doing. My girl isn’t skittish, even after a long flight and coming to a new home. You can tell when animals have been socialized and are used to human contact. Thank you! I was trying to give

Nicole Clement

Collette truly knows how to care for these little guys. I got an orange phase bearded dragon when he was just almost 2 months old. Collette had him securely packaged well and when I took him out and placed hm in his new cage, he immediately gave me the hand wave. Ever since then, he is now almost 8 months old and is very healthy. He loves just laying in my hands and is a very sweet boy. Thank you Collette for helping raise such a beautiful and well-mannered dragon and for all the helpful information you have given me these past few months.

Henry Babcock

The pic says it all! He’s so cool and friendly too!

James Zahran

I got my beautiful Tuesday and she’s perfect! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you Collette for being so helpful!

Tyler Nelson

I wanted to let you know that our baby is doing great!!! He’s a sweetheart and loves to cuddle next to a heart beat!! Eating, drinking, chasing bugs, pooping… All seems great. Thank you!

Kyleen Carpenter

Thought I’d send an update! His name is Hercules! Super happy and healthy and eating really well! Thank you so much for him, and for all your helpful tips! Great working with you 🙂



Atomic Lizard Ranch
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 116 reviews
by Bernadette & Justin on Atomic Lizard Ranch

We received our cool bearded dragon this week. She was perfectly wrapped inside her insulated box and arrived safe and sound. Her colors are bright and beautiful. She is very active and playful. We highly recommend Atomic Lizard Ranch for their bearded dragons and great customer service! Collette was very helpful and it was a pleasure doing business with her!

by Fernando Castaneda on Atomic Lizard Ranch

I recently purchased my second dragon this time from a breeder, Atomic Lizard Ranch and I must say I am truly happy with my beautiful tangerine dragon and the whole process.Collette was amazing making me feel comfortable with all her knowledge and advice.I would diffently order from her again in the future.Thank You so much for our pepper.I am very pleased and happy.

by Zach G on Atomic Lizard Ranch

I recieved my first dragon this morning from Collette and I just want to say wow! He is so beautiful and has a great disposition he is a little sassy like you said! He loves being handled and got here in one piece, thank you for all your help, fair prices and excellent customer service.

by Emily on Atomic Lizard Ranch

I purchased my girl from Colette in November of 2016. My girl, little foot, will be two years old in July of this year. She's honestly my best friend. This dragon is so expressive, and so gentle and sweet. So much personality and love.

by Savanna on Atomic Lizard Ranch

Great dragons @ awesome prices. We love our new beardies. Beautiful and very docile! We are in love! Thank you so much Colette

by Kristin Lerdahl on Atomic Lizard Ranch

We received our girls yesterday, they came healthy, happy and beautiful. I was very wary at first of ordering them online but Collette is AMAZING. She worked with me through the whole process. I have owned 2 previously and let me tell you a lot has changed but Collette talked me through everything even how to harvest my own bugs.

The girls are thriving and loving their cage that Collette help me setup. My daughter is in absolute aww and has been all about the lizards (she helping me feed and change water since we wont handle for the 7-10 days that Collette recommends). If you are looking to purchase a beautifully colored healthy bearded dragon I definitely recommend the Atomic Lizard Ranch, I would give her 10 stars if I could! Thank you so much Collette!

by Niko on Atomic Lizard Ranch

My healthy baby dragon traveled safely from Arizona to Connecticut without incident. Having never sought out a Breeder for a special morph, I was nervous when I scoured the internet and found Atomic Lizard Ranch. Upon contacting Collette over the phone, I immediate recognized her passion. The whole interaction was pleasant and felt safe. Her knowledge is unsurpassed and her instruction is only a phone call away if I have any questions about caring for my new orange phase. Meeting my dragon for the first time was truly magical

by Proud beardie dad on Atomic Lizard Ranch

I absolutely adore these dragons. They’re listed for amazing prices, which made me a bit weary at first, but I wouldn’t burly from anyone else. They arrive healthy and friendly, along wh eating greens. I bought my oldest girl who is 3 now from here and I wouldn’t change a thing.

by Anita Sommerfeld on Atomic Lizard Ranch

My granddaughter , Rain, just loves Luna !!!! Luna is so very friendly and is just such a wonderful pet !!!! Cant thank you enough for all your effort to raise such fine quality of Bearded Dragons ,
Thanks to for all go good advice for her.

by Elise on Atomic Lizard Ranch

I could not be happier! Our gorgeous little beardie arrived exactly when we were told, right at 10:30, and we have had him for about 2 weeks now. Wyatt has been going through the acclimation process with ease and is an extremely healthy eater, (hes very fat!). I admit I had some concerns about raising a beardie, but all of those have now disappeared. We're all very thankful to receive such a beautiful little lizard in perfect health!

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  1. HI Collette. Thanks again for my Dragon. I named him Falkor after the luck dragon in The Never Ending Story. Think the # 19 and shipping him on the 19th sold me on that. He is eating small roaches like crazy. And a bit of collard greens. He is supper friendly been picking him up about 4 times a day a few min each time. Thanks again.

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  2. Hi Collette,

    My beautiful boy arrived this morning and I have to say the picture didn’t do him justice. Thank you for making my experience simple and worry free. He’s currently hanging out in his basking spot and surveying his new domain. I plan to eventually add a Dunner to my collection and am definitely going to order it from you. Thank you again.

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