Ranging From Calm to Skittish

Calmness to skittishness is the range when first dealing with a baby dragon. Calm is when the baby can easily be picked up without running from a person’s fingers when reaching in the terrarium. There’s always a few that are fearful enough to open their mouth and even attempt to bite. But these are a very small group. Keep in mind that bearded dragons are relatively small and at the bottom on the food chain, so naturally, skittishness is built in instinctively in order to prolong their life.

The actual personality of a baby dragon develops as they are interacted with on a consistent basis and as they grow they can become attached and even bond to one person in the family. Some will and some won’t.

They have reasoning abilities, likes and dislikes and long memories. So much so that they remind me of hard billed birds like a parrot and love to be high up to lounge.

Some can be very curious and active and others are more quiet and lounge in one spot which can become their favorite spot when first introduce into the terrarium after purchase.

There is no set amount of food that a baby or juvenile dragon will eat. Each have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to various insects. Variety is health! Always try to feed your insects vegetables before offering to your dragon.