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Starting, Building and Maintaining A Live Superworm Colony

Superworms are a strong source of nutrition for many lizards and birds, and they are vulnerable to certain environmental elements, making ordering in bulk and caring for a small colony at home almost mandatory, during certain times of the year especially. As an added bonus, this will save you a ton on shipping costs! In… Read more »

6 Tips for Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Crickets in the Terrarium

First, insects other than grubs should be fed vegetables such as shredded carrots and squash. However not potatoes or acidic fruit. This should always be done before offering the crickets to your dragon. There are various reasons why and one is illness which can occur in the bearded dragon by doing so. Each morning place… Read more »

What to Know About Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet

From nurturing your Baby Bearded dragon, to maintaining a healthy adult, here are just a few things you need to know about your Dragon’s diet! A Dragon’s diet changes with age Just like humans, a Bearded Dragon’s diet and nutritional needs evolve over time. Baby Bearded Dragon With a baby, your main goal is to… Read more »