Bearded Dragon Taming

Here is a tip for everyone who has a frightened, angry, or unhappy dragon. This may take a month or less but patience is the key to success. The results will be well worth it!

The first week of taming:  As often as possible, Move your hand inside the enclosure slowly, as well as moving your fingers. Do not approach the dragon or get to close. Always watch the reaction of the dragon. He will become accustomed to this and relax.

The second week of taming: Once or twice a day or as often as possible. Come closer with the same slow movements. If the dragon opens its mouth or backs off, stop. Leave the hand were it is until the dragon relaxes. Move a bit close again and stop, watching the reaction waiting for the dragon to become comfortable again. Do this for a week, not approaching completely.

The third week of taming: Continue as the second week but in the middle of the session stop moving the fingertips while inching towards the dragon’s chest with the tips of the fingers. Stop with the fingers resting if the dragon becomes tense. The animal may still back away or open its mouth. Don’t progress further until the dragon is again comfortable with the fingers closer. Move once more and rest until the dragon again relaxes.

The fourth week of taming: Do the same but gradually stopping when necessary until the dragon relaxes bring the fingers, palm up under the dragons body stopping to relax. Usually by the end of the fourth week the dragon will allow a person to scoop him slowly up to hold not moving out of the tank but staying close to the bottom of the tank.  Dragons much prefer to be allowed to sit on the palm of the hand until they feel completely safe with a person. Never pick up a dragon unless the animal can see your hand coming.

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