Caring For A New Dragon Arrival

It is advisable to allow a newly purchased Bearded Dragon time to acclimate to its new home.

We suggest at least 7 to 10 days as a good length of time to allow the dragon to acclimate   Bearded Dragons do not smell water like many other reptiles so it is important that they know that they now have access to water at any time living in their new enclosure.

Since they have been raised in one place and have now found themselves in another environment it can sometimes frighten and confuse them.  Handling right away can compound that confusion and fear which in turn creates  stress.  Stress weakens the immune system and can cause the parasites that help the dragon to digest its food to multiply and sicken the dragon.

During that time we believe that talking while hand feeding will allow the animal to get to know the people that are their new caregivers.

After the allotted time, gradually increase handling.  We suggest that it is best to let the dragon see your fingers and hand coming and to scoop them up allowing them to sit on the palm of the hand.  Picking up over the top of the dragons back can be a frightening feeling since that is how they are picked up and eaten by birds of prey.  So until the Bearded gets to know you it is best not to pick them up in that way.  It takes time for the dragon to know the people and their new home and to again feel safe and comfortable in their new life.

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