The Delima In Sexing Bearded Dragons

In reality it is not easy to sex a baby bearded dragon or juvenile but for a person who has handled them for years it is possible to sometimes sex a male by seeing the hemipenal bulges.  Not always is this possible since the development of the sexual organ can progress with growth.  We can give an educated guess but there is no guarantee that a baby will be a female.

Some people feel that by examining the differences in tail taper is a possible way but over the many years of looking at the tail taper we have seen hemipenal bulges as well that in all respects should be a female but develops as a male.

A Bearded Dragons can develop their male organs all the way up to 12 inches in length.

Putting a dragon on the palm of the hand so that the reptile is comfortable and calm then lifting the tail and looking towards the (cloacal opening) or vent.  A defined bulge on both sides of the vent with a dip in the center will show the hemipenal bulges if they are sufficiently developed.  This should be done gently so as not to injure the dragon.

Often times we will show a question mark on the description of the dragons that we have for sale on our sight.

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