How To Visually Tell Your Bearded Dragon is Healthy

Below are some tall tale signs that your bearded dragon may not be as healthy as you hoped. Keep an eye out for these symptoms and make sure that your dragon is always getting the best care an owner can give!

Symptom:  Eyes that squint.

An eye that squints can oftentimes have shedding left around the lid which begins crusting in combination with the eye fluid. Sometimes this cannot be seen with the naked eye.  If left unattended, this can eventually cause the eyelid to seal shut or looked bruised around the lid area.  Other problems can be a scratched retina or conjunctivitis with similar symptoms as with the above shed problem.

Symptom:  Swelling in the limbs.

The animal with swelling in a limb can mean several things.  A cage mate might have bitten the limb.  Look for bite marks in the swollen area.  The animal could have been injured with something placed in the cage.  Swelling in more than one limb can mean a calcium deficiency which, in some instances, can be corrected with quick and proper diagnosis and treatment.

Symptom:  Loss of weight in the tail next to the hind legs.  Bone showing between the base of the legs at the beginning of the tail.

Possibilities are numerous.  A Parasite build-up, blockage in the digestive track, lack of enough protein or nutrients.  The best time for a parasite check up for the Bearded Dragon is in the fall.  Hopefully, the owner will have noticed a lack of appetite before other symptoms occur.

Symptom:  Sunken eyes and head.

This can signify dehydration which usually has an underlying problem with dehydration as a secondary symptom caused by the main illness.  Sometimes it can mean simple dehydration which can easily be rectified by the use of Preservative Free, Pediatric Electrolyte purchased at any grocery story in the baby section.  Access to clean fresh water for drinking and bathing is very important.


For any physical problem it is always best to check with a Veterinarian or a professional breeder.  We do not recommend advice taken from pet stores or some information taken from the internet.

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