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by Sandi Muska on Blank Business Name

I got my baby beardie on January 30th (today is 2/12) and I am so happy with him! He is a Gala red and his colors are beautiful. He has a calm and also funny personality (especially when he sleeps he likes to stand up!)and he lets me hold him now. He already has crawled on me on his own and fell asleep on my shoulder and he had his first shed! I am so happy I got him from Collette and she has been incredibly helpful to me on making sure I'm doing everything right. I love my little Rhaegal!! Thank you so much Collette! Highly recommend buying from Atomic Lizard Ranch!!!

by Beth Calderon on Blank Business Name

I am so happy with my little Meep! I have had him around a week now, he has went through his first shed already and is a beautiful little guy with his fresh new colors! purchase, shipping, and receiving him were all a breeze! I am happy with the entire experience and I will be choosing Collette and Atomic Lizard Ranch for my future purchases!Thank you so much!

by Brenda Hammond on Blank Business Name

Collette cares! I absolutely am in love with my baby Citrus Bearded Dragon. He's happy, healthyand beautiful! He traveled from Arizona to Georgia with no problem what so ever!

by Amy Schroeder on Blank Business Name

Amazing breeder!! Colette helped me every step of the way from picking appropriately sized and temperate matches for our new bearded dragons to lovingly shipping them and even callong to make sure the beardies arrived quickly in good shape. The two baby bearded dragon shipped all the way to Washington state through frozen passes and arrived bright eyed and healthy. These two have been an amazing addition to pur family. Perfectly calm, bright temperaments and GORGEOUS colors. I have had them for months now with not a single health issue, no problems feeding or handling and I have never seen brighter scales. I will never buy elsewhere and have told all my reptile loving friends that this is the place to go!

Charizard arrived this week after a day’s delay due to a storm at the hub. Collette is so awesome, she called me to let me know! I absolutely love our little guy, and believe he will thrive as my classroom pet. He is healthy and alert, and so much fun to play with. Thank you so much!

by Candis Richardson on Blank Business Name

Our two healthy girls arrived his morning packaged perfectly and warm. Thank you Collette for calling to talk to me on the phone prior to ordering i can tell you take pride in your dragons. Just the sound of your voice really shows you care. Not like any breeder I’ve done business with in the past. Thank you so much!! I assure you they have a great home with us here in Texas. I will definitely be passing along your info to anyone interested in getting a dragon. I really like that you made certain I knew what to expect and that I had everything properly set up. I can’t stop staring in awe at these beautiful healthy girls! Red Gala girl and Orange phase don’t gave names yet but the kids will come up with something good. I’ll email pictures ❤️ Thank you thank you thank you.

Very knowledgeable, caring breeders. The care these beardies receive is obvious. I'm very happy I found Collette and ALR. We've had our little guy almost 4 months now and he is happy and thriving. To this day, Collette is quick to answer and questions I have.Thanks again!

by Kristopher on Blank Business Name

I'm really happy with my hypo melanistic bearded dragon. I just got him a few weeks ago and he's doing amazingly well! He loves to sit in front of his terarrium and look out and watch TV with me. He eats extremely well and is very well-tempered. Thank you Collette for all of the advice before I purchased him. It really helped a lot! Thank you!

by Pamela on Blank Business Name

My beardie just got here and she is the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever seen! After I lost my previous dragon after owning him for six years, I almost didn’t want another one. But Colette’s little ones just stole my heart! Amber is so well-tempered after being brought to a strange place to her. She’s such a curious little thing too

by Chrissy on Blank Business Name

Very pleased with my baby gala red. She’s very active and healthy. She was calm right out the box,ate just fine the day she arrived. Will definitely order from Atomic Lizard Ranch again

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  1. HI Collette. Thanks again for my Dragon. I named him Falkor after the luck dragon in The Never Ending Story. Think the # 19 and shipping him on the 19th sold me on that. He is eating small roaches like crazy. And a bit of collard greens. He is supper friendly been picking him up about 4 times a day a few min each time. Thanks again.

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  2. Hi Collette,

    My beautiful boy arrived this morning and I have to say the picture didn’t do him justice. Thank you for making my experience simple and worry free. He’s currently hanging out in his basking spot and surveying his new domain. I plan to eventually add a Dunner to my collection and am definitely going to order it from you. Thank you again.

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