Silky and Translucent Bearded Dragons

Here at Atomic Lizard Ranch, we are offering our silky and translucent bearded dragons to be a new member of someone’s family. The silky and translucent bearded dragon is a native to Australia. This unique and cool-looking bearded dragon is wanting a family to bring them home. Typically, a tan color, this dragon has some interesting and unique colors available, since it comes from the rocky regions of Australia. There are more than 6,000 different lizard species, which makes these two bearded dragon morphs very unique, but we’re not surprised they are in existence.

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Silky Bearded Dragons


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About Silky and Translucent Bearded Dragons

Everyone wonders why bearded dragon lizards contain such interesting looks and colors, and that is because they have several different defense mechanisms in the wild. They adapt to their environment, which means they can live in various different places around the world. The majority of lizards are harmless, which makes them wonderful additions to your family.

What are Silky Bearded Dragon Morphs?

The Silkie Bearded Dragon has tiny scales, yet bright and beautiful colors. Take home one of these great creatures for you and your family. Silkie Bearded dragons are very unique because they need attention and love. It’s important to give them the right amount of water for their health. They have smooth skin unlike other bearded dragons with the classic spikes.

What are Translucent Bearded Dragon Morphs?

The Translucent Bearded Dragon is named because of the uniqueness of their almost see-through scales and spikes that they have. They are usually lighter in color, with a tint of brightness to their red-ish tan hue. The babies have a clear blue belly, and the adults have dark eyes with occasional blue eyelids.

Why Buy Your Silkback and Translucent Beardies from the Atomic Lizard Ranch?

Atomic Lizard Ranch has been raising bearded dragons since 1991, and we are proud to be offering our silky and translucent bearded dragons for anyone who wants to bring one home. We take care of our baby bearded dragons, so that when you take them home, your bearded dragons whether Silkie or Translucent will be ready for a lovely home.