Hypo Melanistic Bearded Dragons

All colors are present in this phase. These Bearded Dragons will sometimes have clear nails and can be without a pattern on their back. The colors range in a variety of hues. From a light pastel with a white background, to more intense colors without a hint of the whiter skin cells which are not found in others.

Please use the number below each picture when inquiring about a Dragon.. Prices will increase due to size and intensity of color. We ship FedEx “priority Overnight” Monday through Wednesday.  Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Money Order. We will only hold a dragon 8 days after purchase.


#5 Hypo Orange phase
male 7 inch born 11/22
$150.00 click to enlarge

#6 Hypo paste phase male
6 1/2 inch born 11/12
$135.00. click to enlarge

#18 Hypo Tangerine Phase
male/female? 7 inch
born 11/23 $125.00
click to enlarge photo

#20 Hypo Pastel citrus
female 9 inch. $75.00
Note: nips on toes and
some tail. Needs patience
to tame.

108 Responses to Hypo Melanistic Bearded Dragons

  1. Very interested in #26 Hypo Orange Male and #30 Hypo Pastel Male. Are either still available? If so, any way to see more pictures? Also, curious as to shipping price to Grand Junction, CO 81503? Thank you!

  2. Hi I’m interested in #3 Hypo Citrus female. I see it is still available. Do you also sell habitats and if so how much?

    • Hello I bought one of your guys orange back in Oct. last year and i enjoy him so much i was considering about getting a hypo. Im wondering is #14 available. And i was wondering is it ok to but them together. The only thing I’m worried about is my size of mine compared to her. And will they ever fight for territory because i got a 50gallon tank is that enough room for them both?

      • Hi Morgon, I do give customer support after purchase so I called you on the phone and answered all of your questions it’s faster that way.

  3. Hello my name is Amalie and I recently purchased a baby bearide, I’ve had them as pets for 7 years but the is one is tiny and I am curious as to how you k ow the sex of your babies at such a young age, I want another one but need to sex mine first:)

  4. Hi! Was wondering if #6 was available still? Also, I live in Arizona. Would we be able to drive and pick up a dragon? Or do you have to ship?

    • Hi Jen, Yes #6 is available and we can arrange for a pick up by you but you must have a vehicle that can take rough terrain.

  5. Hi, I want to know if #6 is still available and how much is shipping to 32713? Also what are your shipping guarantees??

  6. What are your shipping guarantees? I recently had a horrible experience with a company that shipped me a reptile and it didn’t even live 24 hours after it arrived. My boyfriend was heartbroken so I don’t want to go through that again.

  7. I was wondering if #4 is still avaliable and if so, what would the shipping cost to make it to florida ? (32780)

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. I really like number 5 for his beautiful bright spots!!! I was really hoping to get one of these cuties for a family pet, but would it be at all possible to ship to Washington state? This guy would be our dog. He will be loved, handled, and spoiled rotten! Thank you so much for the service you provide 🙂

    • Hi Shelli,
      I guess you didn’t read below the picture. I sold that animal on the 5th of this month. I would suggest a larger dragon, still small but would have a hardiness because of the age. I would suggest the Number 3 on the Hypo page since I see your a first time owner. I don’t know if you have read about my service but I assist with helping to purchase a safe enclosure along with support after purchase by phone for the life of our dragons. This is an invaluable service since our knowledge with care and maintenance is quite extensive because of the time we have spent working with dragons professionally. We want our animals to have the best of care after they leave our facility. Anyway, I would need a zip code to determine freight. We ship Monday through Wednesday.

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