Welcome to Atomic Lizard Ranch!

Here at Atomic Lizard Ranch, we’ve been making a life out of caring for and raising bearded dragons since 1991. Over the years, we’ve only become more enamored with these wonderful creatures. We even went so far as to originate a unique breed, the Red Gala Phase. During this time, we’ve become sustainably minded and a largely self-sufficient operation. The topography of our Arizona home is quite like the bearded dragon’s natural habitat, making it an ideal place to raise them. Years of caring for bearded dragons have given us the knowledge we need to make them as comfortable and healthy as possible.

When it comes to the bearded dragons we have for sale; health and comfort are our paramount concerns. That’s why our bearded dragons not only look great, but are happy, energetic, and well-tempered creatures. The question you have to ask yourself is you a bearded dragon devotee or just someone on the fence about them? If you are interested in bearded dragons, come and find out why we are Arizona’s premiere bearded dragon breeders.