Gala Red Phase Bearded Dragons

The Gala red phase can be a very dark red/orange and will also range into highlights of this deep color with bright orange that a camera has difficulty capturing. Some have highlights of dark gray with very slight amounts of lime green fading into yellow down the back. Gala reds have surprising beauty and variety.

Please use the number below each picture when inquiring about a dragon.  Prices have increase due to size and intensity of color.  We ship FedEx “Priority Overnight”, Monday through Wednesday due to tracking.  Call or email us with your  zip code to determine shipping.  Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or Money Order. We will only hold a dragon 8 days after purchase.



#2 Gala red Phase male
6″ born 3/28 $115.00
Note: Nip tail click to
enlarge photo

#4 Gala red female 5 3/4″
born 3/12 $150.00
click to enlarge photo

#12 Gala red female
6″ born 4/13 $165.00
click to enlarge photo

#19 Gala red female
6″ born 3/15 $165.00
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  1. I was wondering if #4 is still available and how much shipping would be to Plainfield, Il, 60586


    • That dragon is available the web sight is up to date. I receive your inquiry via email when you post here and I quoted the shipping that way.

  2. Is number 5 still available it’s mathew i bought a orange phase from you back in February luv this little guy 40601

  3. I’m looking into buying a red hatchling within a month or two. I’m in Colorado. Can you please possible email me an inquiry if possible. I would like a baby beardy because I would like to raise it up from as young as possible.
    My email is

  4. Hi collete turns out I will be needing a beardy in a few months. I live in Washington state don’t feel comfortable giving out zip code. Got your email are there any males under 100$? Hope I am not asking for much.

  5. Ah Pfft of course thanks again for the info! Also I do not think I well be getting a beardie anytime soon since my mother hates lizards.. I love beardies and I been looking at many videos and reading a lot of info on them! They are pretty pricey but I really think it’s worth it.. I really wanted one for my birth day on the 19th of June but it’s clear I won’t be getting a beardie any time soon.. I saved a lot of money just for the beardie but as disoppointing as it is I’ll have to try anyother day or year! Even so I’m still trying to collect as much info on the beardies so thanks for taking your time in answering my questions!

  6. Hello, I would like to know if Bearded Dragons get stressed out when introduced to animals like cats and dogs.. Or if their health can dramatically change.. I have a 11 year old dog she only snarls and nips when she’s being annoyed by another animal and we do keep her inside she easily gets along with anything as long as it doesn’t annoy her.. So she’s not really a danger to bearded dragons but I’d still like some info on this subject.

    • For the most part dogs do not like Bearded Dragons but there is always exceptions to the rule. They ignore them and the dragons does the same unless surprised by a dog and what I mean by that is if the dog comes up from behind and the dragon does not see the dog coming. I have never known a cat to like to terrorize or play with a dragon. I do believe they don’t like the smell of a dragon. On the other hand most cats will try to kill and eat a Gecko.

      • thank you for the info.. also I live in az its very dry and hot here, would I still need uv lights even if I leave the bearded dragons ‘cage’ near a window were most the sun hits? of course they well still have a cooling area and how often would I need to ‘shower’ them?

        • UVB does not travel through glass. We are here in Arizona. Shower? We can talk all about that once you decide on the dragon. We give customer support by phone for the life of our dragons after purchase.

  7. Is #21 still for sale? I would like to purchase him. Email me as soon as you can please. I am located in Forest hills, Queens, NY.

  8. Hello, I was wondering if #21 is still available. Also is he friendly and does he have any abnormal behavior the last 2 bearded dragons I got both had diseases.

    • Hello,

      I’m sorry to hear about your last two dragons. #21 is available. It would be important that you look at our reputation on line and then you will feel better about purchasing from us. Actually, as far as that’s concerned, it would be a good idea to check anyone else in reference to any purchase of anything if it’s possible to do so.

  9. I am also interested in #10 Gala red female. (not both, 1 or the other). Is one more social than the other? Please let me know. Thanks! Mike

  10. I am interested in #22 Gala Red male. Is he still available. If so please contact me right away. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Michael,
      I’ll just reply to this query, so nothing is left unsaid on the comments. You have chosen #10. Many thanks!

  11. Hello
    I have a bearded dragon that I got from a local petshop 8 months ago and is about 12 inches long. I want another one but have read they need to be around the same age and size to introduce them to each other. Do you have anything this size or are they usually sold way before that?

    • Hi,
      Yes we have a few but you need to do a measure. the length and the width across the widest part of the back. Age is not the issue.

    • Yes, we keep our pages up to date. Her temperament is fine, however she is a baby and bottom on the food chain so until she gets use to being handled all of them can be squirrely but nothing else.

    • Hi Vicky,
      Yes he is available. Your seem to be warming in your area. We ship Monday through Wednesday Shipping would be $38.50

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